WordPress 5.5 - Complete Overview

WordPress 5.5 – Complete Overview. What’s new?

WordPress has been around for all our blogging needs. WordPress has recently released its latest version, which made significant changes to user interface and user experiences. WordPress has always brought about changes and development to their “block” section with every new update. However, this time the changes made will have enhanced capabilities enabling you to make the most out of WordPress.

Unless you are using a managed WordPress hosting, you will have to update your WordPress account manually. However, before initiating the update procedure, make sure to backup all your content and other digital links.

WordPress 5.5 – Improvements in Block Editor!

Most WordPress bloggers use Block Editor extensively. With the introduction of WordPress 5.5, bloggers will be able to deal with previous shortcomings and demonstrate enhanced creativity smartly.


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Let us now delve into the details of these enhancements –


  1. Introduction to an Integrated Block Directory

The all-new Block Directory will allow you to add blocks to your content, which are otherwise not available on your website. You will get suggestions from the Block Directory automatically while moving from one block to the other.


However, Block Directory does not include Block Library plugins. These Library plugins come in a bundle of highly useful WordPress Blocks. On the contrary, Block Directory will allow you to add various kinds of blocks for your website.


  1. Changes/Modifications in User Interface of Blocks

With the new modifications in place, Block Editor is now more accessible. WordPress 5.5 and its visual improvements of the Block Editor has become a significant factor in its improved user experience.

The addition of a Black background to the “Add new block” button is significantly better as it has become more noticeable.


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  1. Block Editor is now editing pictures!

You can now edit your pictures straightaway from the Block Editor itself. There is no need to leave your post editor to get minor tweaks done to your photos anymore! Edit the aspect ratio, width, and height, crop the images, and rotate according to your needs.

Understandably, you could do these necessary edits from the media library as well. However, these built-in editing options will save you a significant amount of time and effort.


  1. Block Patterns

You can now add commonly used blocks with pre-configured settings. Maintain a layout consistency throughout your website by quickly creating page layouts. The layouts will bring about a visually stunning and consistent theme to your site.


  1. Block Movements & Navigation

Move blocks by simply dragging and dropping them wherever you want them. WordPress 5.5 makes it easier to select a parent block or any child element inside.


  1. WordPress Theme and Plugins

You can now update your plugins and themes securely through automatic updates. All you have to do is enable auto-updates for the already installed WordPress plugins on your website.


Jump right in and select a theme page to enable auto-updates for that particular theme. You are no longer required to change WordPress configuration or use any third-party plugin for automatic updates. Moreover, you can now add a plugin and replace the existing theme of any page with a new WordPress theme.


Similarly, for plugins, you can substitute the existing one with a new plugin without any hassle.


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  1. Other significant changes

  • Lazy loading of photos.
  • XML sitemaps in default for improved SEO performance.
  • Improved scanning for PHP compatibility issues
  • Provision for 65 new Dashicons
  • Complete control over auto-updates
  • Updated External Libraries
  • Ability to define terms in default for custom taxonomies
  • Passing arguments for template files is easier than ever.
  • No scope for adding a link to the homepage for WordPress themes




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