Reasons Behind the Fast Growth of SoundCloud
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Why SoundCloud is Growing Fast than Other Music Streaming Apps?

Music players like SoundCloud are one of the leading and famous music streaming apps around the globe. Music player choice is used to be smart as do they comply with your needs. SoundCloud itself is a platform that is a bit different from the other music streaming apps. SoundCloud used to provide multiple services on its platform as compared to others in the same niche. Meanwhile, SoundCloud has compromised with its content because with Raw facts and figures SoundCloud has over 124 million Songs in its bucket. We can surely say that the number, SoundCloud keeping could be meant by compromising the content.

Services Provided

SoundCloud uses to provide Music streaming as well as it gives the platform to the user to grow up in the field of music. It provides a beginning artist platform to the user. This platform gives the user to cherish its skill and use it to record his/her songs/ raps/ etc. SoundCloud uses to play that song globally as someone search with that name. That’s how SoundCloud use to prepare to startup artist. It also provides the comments section right under the Song played so that the singer or startup artist could get feedback from the public on which user to pursue further. As the content helps to gain SoundCloud plays to every artist globally. This section could be much helpful for the user artist trying to come forward in this field. As the public likes his content, the User could grow quick hot.SoundCloud Services


SoundCloud has a pricing policy for its versions, Such as Free version, SoundCloud GO, SoundCloud GO+. Free Version has a huge amount of music available for users. In this version, the user gets ads, audio ads. This version doesn’t allow the user to go for offline music as it doesn’t give any sort of downloading stuff. The paid version of SoundCloud Go and SoundCloud GO+ provide the Content ads-free and these two paid versions also have variations with pricing and as well with service provided to the user. SoundCloud GO offers $4.99/month and SoundCloud GO+ offers $9.99/month. Both allow you to ad-free streaming and allow you to download the music.

SoundCloud Pricing

Searching Algorithm

SoundCloud has one of the best algorithms as compared to well-known music streaming apps and social media all around. It is not easy to search your music, playlist, track in millions of songs. SoundCloud provides you the best algorithm to deal with this stuff. Name of the music again Soundcloud plays the music you need. SoundCloud mostly fetches the result of a search very close to your choice. Algorithms of Soundcloud don’t give suggestions to our searches, it used to give suggestions with your regions or some mostly played music in the region. It gives the content with the same or nearly the same genre. Soundcloud tries to provide the music or content which could possible liked by the user but as we discussed at the start music is a choice depend upon the need of the user

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