Top Features of Crystal-Clear Audio & Video Live Virtual Class Platform for School

Top Features of Crystal-Clear Audio & Video Live Virtual Class Platform for School

A virtual classroom works as an online learning environment consisting of teachers and students cooperating through technical tools offered by the online virtual class appor software. Various known educational institutions use this virtual class software for having classes remotely to maintain the offered functionality in a traditional classroom environment.

These virtual classrooms provide remotely real-time lessons along with the level of interaction and similar collaborative tools possible in a physical classroom. Some educational institutes use this virtual classroom software for having access to a student who is unable to be in-person courses. By this virtual classroom environment, mentors or teachers can interrelate with all the students and also, students can involve with the lesson materials, giving tests, viewing videos and presentations, and this is all in real-time.


Even, some of the online course providers may provide online virtual class appor software to use it for the lessons. Also, these virtual classrooms can come as a joined portion of a learning management system (LMS) or another integrated one. A suitable virtual classroom must include these features-

  • Screen sharing
  • Live video streaming capability
  • An online whiteboard features
  • Interactive presentations with stream live rich media

Overview of Virtual Classroom and its Features

Virtual classes can be called a digital replica of a training room or traditional classroom. In this, an instructor teaches the students, and they learn face-to-face in real-time via technological devices enabled by the internet. By this, creativity, brainstorming, and discussion can take place in real-time. Even, tests are also taken and given pre or post the live sessions. Also, some reports are instantly ready after the session.

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The difference between a traditional classroom and a virtual classroom is just one that an online classroom uses an online virtual class appor software to support learning and instruction. The virtual classroom provides more flexibility than a traditional one. You can give instructions to geographically isolated onlookers at one time. Both learners and instructors will get a rich experience of cooperating with the other persons worldwide. There will also be tracking records of attendance automatically. Moreover, online collaboration includes various communication tools typically like open discussion boards, chat, multimedia content and polls, and social media.

This online class software works in the same procedure for industries as you can train vendors, employees, customers, and partners in real-time and face-to-face through an online app. This app can be integrated with the CMS, websites, LMS, or ERP. You can also give the training when stakeholders are not there. They can have all the eLearning material later and can join the live session through their tablets, laptops, and smartphones.

All the Required Features to Have an Effective Audio Video Live Virtual Class

Here are all the features that must include in a virtual class platform, be it any online virtual class appor software. Take a look-

Smooth Integration

It should be compatible with cooperating with different devices. It should have the capability to integrate the functionality of an online classroom with the available CMS, website, or LMS through using developer API and plugins.

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No Download Needed

Access your virtual class software from any internet browser. And, you can do it without downloading any heavy plugins or software like Java and Flash.

Learn on-the-go

It permits learners to join live classes on-the-go on their tablets or smartphones by using WizIQ iOS and Android apps.

Record Live Sessions

You can record your live sessions and can also share it with your external or internal audiences through social channels or emails just right after the class ends.

Easy Administration

Through it, you can plan, manage, and analyze the live classes. Also, you can abstract automated reports for having insights into content, instructor, and performance of the learner.

Attract the Learners

Enhance your learner’s engagement by using real-time textual and audio & video communication, polls, impressive whiteboard, and tests.

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Top Virtual Classroom Apps to Enhance Student’s Engagement

With the development of the online virtual class app, it permits the teachers to engage with the students anytime from anywhere. These apps can be downloaded on your device and can connect them to the online class you need. The apps make people able to continue their studies without going to school because of travelling, work, or sickness.

The demand for these virtual class apps has been increased, and it has so many options that it is quite difficult to pick one among them. Here are some of the best apps that you must consider for having your online classes. Check out these-

  • Tutorroom.NET
  • Eztalk Webinar
  • Stoodle
  • Moodle
  • Udemy
  • Virtual Blackboard
  • Eliademy
  • Electa Live
  • Blackboard Collaborate
  • My virtual classroom
  • Teacher Connect

Final Verdict

In this article, we have provided an overview and some features of the virtual class platform with impressive Audio & video. By providing various education technological solutions for enhancing the student’s engagement in learning, BR Softech is also giving its contribution in the field of education. Our efficient and knowledgeable team members are trying hard to deliver more and more teaching solutions at a reasonable price. Undoubtedly, there is a need for virtual class platforms as well as online exam softwarewith the efficiency to enrich the beginners in every possible way. Each platform comes with different capabilities and features; it depends on you how you choose the right and suitable platform full of possibilities. With the right platform, you can make the online class process very smooth and easy for students, and it also boosts both teachers and student’s enthusiasm.   

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