Top-7 Trending Mobile Gadgets Accessories in 2021
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Top-7 Trending Mobile Gadgets Accessories in 2021

An average Indian spends almost 3 to 4 hours every day on their smartphone. Adding a few mobile accessories to their users can make your life easy and simpler. From power banks to headphones to camera lens, so let’s check out which unique gadgets online India is top-most and should must-have for your smartphone.

1:- Power Bank: Trending-Mobile-Gadgets

Smartphones have solved most of the major problems in our lives with several features and advantages. The only disadvantage is consuming battery life with more usage. Whether your switchboard is far from your bed or you forgot to charge your phone and heading out or stuck at a place with no charging power availability, so, carrying a power bank can always be a life savior and it always comes in handy in such situations.

With a variety of range of power, banks are available in the market, there is a hesitance on the quality and reliability of the power bank. You can charge your power bank without charging your phone and when you need it you can connect it to the phone.

2:- Boat Airdopes: Boat-Airdopes

Plug into Nirvana Boat Airdopes to enjoy wirelessly. Here Boat introduces their earpods. Which comes with an Ipx4 which is water resistance, sweat resistance, and which has Bluetooth connectivity v5.0 which offers seamless connectivity. It provides a battery life of 40mah to each earbud which indulges an authentic and blissful sound up to 3.5 hrs in one go.

It powers a 500mah charging case which says you can charge it 4times to tour earbud. Eardrops comes with good drivers which offer you immersive sound quality. The premium and luxurious carry- cum- charging case allow you easy motility as you listen to the highest waves of nirvana on your boat airdrops. It consists of easy access integrated controls with a quick voice assistant feature you can connect it to Siri, Google Assistant, Alexa. A sleek, sturdy, and minimal design airdrops a vibe to look further and it has a user-friendly lightweight secure fit which helps one to enjoy that vibe in a carefree manner.Delhi

3:- VR box 360:

Boat-AirdopesIn this generation, 2d has become soo outdated. And this product is the best gadget for me which is VR box 360 has become a life savior for me because I can watch movies, in it, play lots and lots of games. which is fun. It has a Slim shockproof soft case back made of strong material for longevity, this cover is made of rubber with the backside and it provides dual-material used top on the side is made of tempered glass and has a glossy finish.

Vr is really good for myopia users and it gives very comfortable support to tour heads without any pain. You can easily use it for a long time.  Vr s made of good plastic and this product is a value for money.  The overall experience of VR 360 is quite enthralling. The youngsters will love this gadget. You can get this either online or from an online website. you can actually feel the realistic experience that too at a low and affordable price.

4:- Camera lens:

Camera-lensMobile camera lens and technology has taken a huge leap in the past few years. More and more megapixels are being crushed in, along with new features in-camera lenses like triple and quad rear camera sets, AI-based software improvements, larger sensors, and even physical aperture shutters.

Even with all these features and improvements, smartphone cameras can’t do everything well, which is why there is also a growing market for smartphone lenses. These accessories can offer owners better telephoto, wide-angle, macro, and even 360 degrees, zoom angle lens. Nowadays everyone loves photography but everyone can’t afford DSLR so camera lenses are a good idea to start their photography.

5:- Bluetooth Speakers:

Bluetooth-Speakers There are many Bluetooth speakers in India But if you are talking about the best so there is only one and one best Bluetooth speaker in India that is JBL speakers. JBL comes with true Bluetooth connectivity, it can connect 2 smartphones, or tablets to the speakers and turns your sound into a luxurious way and impressive sound. It built with a 3000mah battery life which runs up to 12 hrs of playtime. It comes with ipx7 waterproof so no more worrying about water or rain spills. You can feel crystal clear sound and calls in speakers with just a touch and thanks to noise cancellation speakerphone. You can easily connect it to echo, Alexa, Siri, or google assistant with just a simple touch.

6:- Car mount for navigation:

Car-mount-for-navigationNavigation is one of the most useful features offered by smartphones. Google Maps remain incomparable in features and improvements, continuing to be the best navigation software on every smartphone. However, we struggle with holding our phones while using navigation and driving side by side. (which is not the right thing to do). The solution to this is a one – to just buy a good quality car mount for your phone. You can buy a good car mount for your phone from online portals also as well as offline also. Android auto app also provides this feature.

7:- USB OTG cable: USB-OTG-cable

One of the biggest pros of owning the latest Android smartphones is the number of features you get in. USB on-the-go (OTG) feature will let you connect a pen drive to your phone through the Micro USB cable which is used for charging the device. These devices can be used to store the files or data or to expand the storage of your device or view external storage or data such as movies, videos, and photos on the phone’s screen. So this comes in handy and affordable too. You can get this offline as well as online also.


So guys if you like reading my blog, so please comment down below and like my blog. here I have shown some latest trending mobile accessories and gadgets which you can connect through the phone. carrying all these accessories makes you freer and less problematic. all these accessories are very affordable and easily available in the market so anyone can afford them.


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