Stop Destroying the Sights of Your Kids with OgyMogy

Stop Destroying The Sights Of Your Kids With OgyMogy

Every other day we have some new tech available. A few days back smartphones were becoming larger and now they are shortening up into a foldable phone. Just like that, many other technological advancements are going around. Certainly, whenever there is something new, the standards and preferences change. Well, that also impacts parenting concepts. The concepts that were prevalent at least a decade back are no more in practice. Think it yourself, how elder siblings and cousins did rear their kids in 2010. Now when you have kids, you can simply compare that the parenting styles have tremendously changed.

In some ways, parenting styles have improved. But in some other ways, the styles have become difficult for the parents. In the present day, things are changing fast. Kids are taking on the newest technologies and know way better than us how to use them. Indeed, we also need to come up with better ways to parents our off-springs.

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A Common Problem:

Let us come to a common problem. How many parents can schedule mobile usability time for their kids? Indeed, that is a very low percentage to consider. You will see the kids of your family members, as well as your friends’ children using mobile phones all the time. Even some parents give mobile phones to their kids just to stop them from crying. They play them rhyme or a poem on a tubing website and get busy with what they were doing.

Certain activities develop the habit of mobile phone usage, and kids cannot control it. I can tell the case of my niece, my brother’s daughter. I saw him giving his smartphone to his daughter to watch cartoons on YouTube. After seeing that I asked him why he did so. He said that she begins to cry if we (the parents) do not give her the smartphone. Well, she is just 2, and her parents are developing, indeed spoiling her habits.

You can read it yourself, the impact of screens on children’s brains and senses.

Well, many researchers have pointed out that it is bad practice. Though a lot of parents know that, they have no other way to pacify their crying child.

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Destroying the Sights:

Voluntarily giving your smartphone to your kids and then spoiling their habits not only deteriorate their lifestyle but also weakens their sight. That means we are paying the cost of the happiness of our kids while hurting their sights. Surely, you may help the young ones change their habits. But what about the teens?

They might not use the smartphone in front of you, but they may use it in their bad, just before sleeping. One of the studies suggests that teenagers even develop a neural issue just because of watching the smartphone screen in the dark.

So what can you do to prevent you, teens, from damaging their sights and brain? Not to forget, smartphones are not the only ones to blame. The computers and other devices with the screens also have the same impact on our kids’ eyes.

Once a habit is developed it is difficult to overcome unless you use the right techniques to change that habit. Every habit requires a different medium to change it.

For smartphones, you may think of asking your kids to give them to you before sleeping. But that may make them rebellious. Well, the best way is to let them have it, and control their screen time with OgyMogy.

Controlling Screen Time with OgyMogy:

OgyMogy is a parental control app, aka spy app for the parents. With the help of this app, parents can control the activities of their children on computers and handheld devices. Further, the screen time controller is one of its popular features that every parent prefer to get. This feature allows you to limit the screen time for your kids. Like you can turn it on during the bedtime of your kids. Soon as they jump in the bed, they will not be able to use their smartphones.

They may not appreciate it initially, but sooner they will develop a habit. Besides, OgyMogy has several other features that can help you guard your kid remotely. Check them out, you will indeed like them all.

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