Seven methods to use hidden social media features

1. You can see who unfollowed you on Twitter

Having a good number of Twitter followers can be very useful, but your best interest is not to obsess with the idea of who is following you and who is not. But if it is necessary for you or your work, to know who your follower is and who has unfollowed you then there is a site called Manage Flitter. It is also helpful in managing the activities you don twitter. It is done by informing you when your followers are using Twitter and are online.

2. To read the links later on Facebook, you can save them

The usual thing you do to save the link for later is that you open them in the new tab and you leave the tab open until the next time you will get time to read it. It is a practice not necessary anymore, there is a hidden social media feature through which you can now save the link on Facebook for late, and then Facebook itself clicks the option of saving the link, which lies under the drop-down option on the upper right corner of the post you like to read.

3. Messaging on linked even when you are not connected

Maybe you are not a regular user of LinkedIn and have created an account just for some useful purpose and will go online only when you need to. But just imagine what will happen when you need to find something from linked in people or you want to send some really important information or send a message, but you are not able to do so just because you are not connected to it. You can avoid this by this new hidden feature of social media, joining the group which is already being joined by the person you want to message to and then using the option of replying privately will help you in getting your job done.

4. See who had the guts to log into your account

Are you in doubt that someone is logging into your account without you knowing about it? You can see who has been doing this by simply going to the setting page. There you will find a security folder under which you will find a link saying ‘where you are logged in”. There you can find all the active Facebook logins of your profile from your phone and desktop both. It gives you the data of location, device, and browsing. You also get the ability to finish or to end the activity from the person or the device doing so.

5. You can get a copy of your Facebook activities

You can have a copy of whatever you have shared on Facebook; it includes everything, pictures, videos, posts, chats conversations and the settings of your profile as well. All you need to do is go to the settings option, then click on the link saying download a copy of your Facebook data.

6. Follow people on Instagram with the same aesthetics

If you like to follow someone with a specific aesthetic, then you can also follow people displaying similar aesthetical backgrounds. Go to the drop-down menu which lies next to follow button. You shall be able to see similar Instagrammers. Similarly, you can buy Instagram followers that share your interests too.

7. Share your circles on Google+ with anyone you want to

If you have a circle of influencers, maybe because you are the leader of a group or the head of HR, Finance, Supply chain at any organization and you have to deal with a great number of employees then you can share the tasks, list, or any new discussion with the colleagues. Go to your circle, choose the one you want to share with and then select dropdown of Actions and from their select share this circle