How to Get and Maintain Genuine Followers on Social Media

How to Get and Maintain Genuine Followers on Social Media (2020)

Today, social media has become a fast, free and effective way to promote your business. However, there is a method to the social media craze not just in posting the content that people want to see, but in building a following. One of the hottest topics these days in social media marketing is how to grow followers – not just any followers, but real followers and not bots.

People want to increase their followers by adding real people who love their content and are looking to engage. If you are focused on quality followers who are interested in what you are offering, there are two ways to get them:

  • Buying the followers from a reliable source: It can help you get instant social media followers.
  • Earning them organically: This can take a lot of effort and time.

Having thousands and millions of followers on social media is no small task in 2020. However, there are some influencers and brands that post great content, yet they have fewer followers; and then there are others who don’t post quality content but have thousands of followers.

If you are frustrated by spending time on promoting your products and services, and not seeing the result you wanted, it is better to work with a social media marketing agency. Nowadays, even famous brands and celebrities hire the services of a marketing agency to boost followers.


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Now, let’s about how important is a follower count on social media?

Followers don’t have a direct effect on the engagement of a post or on the click-through rate of content. However, follower counts do speak a lot about your brand and followers do matter. People are more inclined to follow accounts that have millions of followers rather than the one that has thousands.

After increasing your followers with the help of marketing agency, you should be active and engage with your followers. This can help you grow more followers, organically and boost your brand value.

  1. Be Regular and Consistent

Firstly, you need to keep your name and message in front of your followers. A post here and there and inconsistently will get lost the millions of other posts. If you post regularly, your content will get more attention.


  1. Share Quality Content

Now, when we said share post consistently, it doesn’t mean to post any random stuff. Even if it relates to your products or services, make sure the content is great and catches the eye of followers.

Sharing quality content will help establish your company and personal brand. Not only the followers will like your content, but there is a high possibility that they will share it with others as well, which will bring more traffic to your account.


  1. Respond to Your Followers

If you post something good, people will more likely comment on the post or ask questions on the personal message. By responding to the questions and comments, you deepen the connections, foster engagement and build trust.

Why bother having a social media account if you are not going to be social.


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  1. Make it Easy for Followers to Share Content.

Most of your followers or visitors are not going to deal with the hassle of copying and pasting the URL to their social media account. It is better that you include social share links on your account bio or website.


  1. Use Hashtags where Appropriate

Hashtags have become essential since the post, conversation and content moves at a rapid pace. Hashtags help people find the content that they are interested in. Use of hashtags can be beneficial, but don’t overdo it. Remember, people want to see quality content, not a bunch of hashtags.


Contact a trustworthy marketing agency that can help boost followers on different social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and Facebook. By getting instant social media followers, you not only increase follower count but also enhance your brand value.

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