4 Pillars Of A Growing Digital Marketing Agency

4 Pillars Of A Growing Digital Marketing Agency

Digital marketing is the buzzword of the year while most of us don’t know where digital marketing arises. The main 4 pillars of digital marketing make it what it is today. These pillars are basic foundations and could make or destroy the whole process. If you are someone who is a digital marketer providing white label services or private label SEO or owning a White Label Digital Marketing Agencyshould know these core skills.


The 4 pillars of an effective digital marketing agency can not only grow a digital marketing agency but also lets you get started in the right direction to success. So you would be wondering what we call the 4 pillars of digital marketing? Those are talked about here in detail.


Before understanding the four pillars of digital marketing you must know that all of these techniques are tried and tested by various top digital marketers. These have given ultimate results and helped various digital marketing agencies to grow. If these techniques are applied in perfect combination then you can get the topmost results.

The four main pillars of an effective strategy for digital marketing are explained below:

Optimization of Search Engine

Digital marketing is all about search engine optimization from each search that you make on google to getting results to users visiting your website to getting your website on top to earning real

Money from your website. But how do you do it?

The Search Engine Optimisation starts well before when a user searches a term on google. Before any user searches a term on google you need to understand the market and know what is the trending topic for the hour. Yes, every hour the search results change and even at very second. You gotta know what’s your buzzing word for your niche.

After you know what your website needs which is trending, then you need to analyze that search result in two forms. One is paid results and of hers are organic results. It is obvious that google gives priority to paid results and then your website can appear. But here comes the real deal.

SEO or Search Engine Optimisation makes sure that your website comes at the top of organic results after the paid results. The website is optimized according to the Google parameters that are page loading speed, content relevancy, and hundreds more. But the main aspect is the engagement of users. If your use is engaged with the website then the SEO part is done.

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Paid Advertising or Pay Per Click Advertising

As mentioned above paid advertising are the first results that are already given priority by Google. This kind of advertising has real worth to those who know how to use it. You need to be well prepared on the way and must learn the comprehension of Google analytics. It is not recommended for beginners but a growing digital marketing agency would need it frequently.


Let us know how to use pay per click advertising? And how pay per click advertising works?

It gives the same results as a well-planned search engine optimization can give except you don’t have to work for it. Google does this task for you. You just need to fill in the basic requirements. If you understand the core aspects of managing pay per click advertising then it is no big deal.

While going forward for pay-per-click advertising you need to understand what is your niche? Where do you want the traffic to be? What kind of traffic do you need? And understanding each aspect of your website.

Once you know what you want then you can ask for it. The process starts by bidding on ad spaces on google according to your keyword. Now keywords are the most important part as you need to be so relevant. If you are not relevant then it is a waste.

Now bow you will be charged? Once a user searched for your keyword, your website will appear but that’s not when you will be charged. It is pay per click advertising and hence a click is needed on your ad to be charged.

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Internal and external marketing

This technique is something when you are struggling to get traffic even after using Search Engine Optimization and Paid advertising. The above-mentioned are the 2 pillars for a growing digital marketing agency but since your website could not reach the benchmark then it is time to open the wild cards.

Internal marketing and external marketing can help you in various ways but all you need is to dig into deeper details. These techniques can not work if you just read and apply. They need time to get results.

Internal Marketing

It is also known as Inbound Marketing. All those content that is posted on social media such as Facebook, blogs, Instagram, and various other websites is inbound marketing. Now, this content is available for free but why would you post content for free.

The free content shows the image of your website and how well you have a core understanding of what you want to convey through the website. You have millions of users using social media and thousands of them are connected to you. It becomes really easy to reach a larger level with no extra money to be paid.

The users will come to know what your website is all about? At times it happens that users have relevant content from your website but they could not reach you because they just didn’t know about it. So inbound marketing gives you the advantage to reach to those who are just fresh minds that will directly relate to your website.

Now is that it, about inbound marketing, not at all. The major aspect is left to be said. What mainly inbound marketing does? It is a push to search engine optimization as it can give thousands of backlinks to your website. These White Label Link Building Services are required to get traffic.

As pay per click advertising helps you to target specific keywords and get traffic through them, similarly inbound marketing helps to post content where keyword relevancy is high. It is one of the freeways for paid advertising. Although no analytics can be done it certainly is worth it.

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External Marketing

This kind of marketing is popularly known as outbound marketing where traditional methods are used to target users. Although digital marketing is in itself a modern area it does have traditional aspects. You may not feel like that traditional approach is not suitable for the current situation but the results will speak for itself.

The core form of outbound marketing is you are directly seeking customers and representing your website. The customers are not able to reach out to you but you can reach out to them. The simplest way for outbound marketing is calling to targeted customers and understand their needs. Then offering the services accordingly.

While this technique will require time and energy from your side. Yes, you have to work hard to get the best results. Now here you can come up with smart work where various software is available to ease your work and give excellent results. The software will help you to simplify the process and complete the process within no time while it will take some money from your side.

This technique will help you reach out to the market which has real potential and you will understand where your website is lacking by understanding the needs of the customers. Your website will be improved through real responses and simultaneously you can succeed by attracting potential users.

Uber marketing being a traditional way can be very complex but by using the technology in your favor then it can transform this technique into the most useful one. The only condition is you need to understand how to maximize the results from outbound marketing.

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The four pillars of Digital Marketing are categorized into four broad categories that are: search engine optimization, pay per click advertising, inbound marketing, and outbound marketing. All of these techniques if used perfectly can get you the best results although there are limitations to these techniques which need to be analyzed in detail.

Any digital marketing agency from white label SEO to core digital marketing service providers will get help from these techniques as these are the main pillars White Label SEO Services for Agencies of a growing digital marketing agency. I wish you all the luck that prevails!


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