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How to Use Portable Fume Hoods in the Laboratory?

The fumes that originate from the mixture can be harmful to laboratory workers. The best thing that can help is a fume hood

The fumes that originate from the mixture can be harmful to laboratory workers. The best thing that can help is a fume hood. It is essentially used in most industries with works of labs and chemicals that emit dangerous substances like carbon monoxide. Because of the growing demand for fume hoods in laboratory industries, the manufacturers have created a wide array of models with different features.

In simple words, a fume hood is an enclosed space that contains vapors, gases, and fumes. In most laboratories, there are exhausts fans located on top of the laboratory that helps pull airborne contaminants. The contaminants are pulled through ductwork that collects contaminants and exhausts them in the atmosphere.


Types of Fume Hoods

There are mainly two types of fume hoods that you must gain knowledge about. These types of fume hoods can be bought from to get discounts as well as high-quality products.

Variable Air Volume (VAV)

In VAV fume hoods, the quantity of air (also referred to as exhaust flowrate) that is pulled via the hood varies by adjusting the sash to maintain the set face velocity. As a result, when the sash is lesser, and the cross-sectional part of the hood opening reduces, the velocity remains the same as airflow, whereas the whole air volume is exhausted.

Constant Volume

In Constant Volume, the quantity of air that is pulled via the hood remains constant. As a result, when the sash is lowered or lesser, and the cross-sectional part of the hood opening reduces the airflow increases. This means the high velocity of airflow can be acquired with lesser sash.

Let us know some of the tips that will make sure than the laboratory fume good sufficiently protects workers and the environment from chemical spills, dangerous reactions, and toxic fumes.

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  1. Make sure the exhaust is working appropriately.

Lab technicians must check whether the exhaust is working or not. Fume Hood’s main job is to exhaust fumes, and the ventilation system must work accurately. If the ventilation system is not working, then the fume hood won’t operate efficiently.

Also, make sure to check the baffles while checking the exhaust. The baffles are movable parts that generate the openings in the back part of the fume hood. Baffles keep the airflow consistent, which augments effectiveness. You can buy the laboratory equipment like exhaust from.

  1. Reduce air disturbances

The efficacy of the fume hood can get diminished because of airflow disturbances. This is why it is crucial to find the best site, which is important to maintain accurate working. You must install and place the fume hoods where there are no crosscurrents or where they can be avoided. The things that can generate a crosscurrent mainly include windows, exterior fans, pedestrian traffic, supply air diffusers, and doors opening and closing. To make sure about maximum containment, you must avoid the areas with high-traffic, which will help a lab worker move across the hood easily.

  1. Follow the best procedures.

The high efficiency can only be attained in the equipment that is used efficiently. Following the right and best operating procedures are quite helpful. There are many different types of fume hoods, and each one comes with its different procedures of using and manufacturer instructions.


Some good procedures include keeping the equipment or containers 5-6 inches away from the face of the fume hood. Be careful while using materials like chemical wipes, aluminum foil, and paper products. To get the best performance, you must keep the sash close if possible.

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  1. Make maintenance and house keeping top-priority.

Keeping maintenance and housekeeping procedures is imperative to ensure that fume hoods are operating well in laboratories. The maintenance and housekeeping procedures that must be adopted include not storing chemicals or hazardous things in the fume hood. The hazardous chemicals must only be stored in cabinets that are safety approved. Also, if kept in hoods, it must be kept in small amounts.

Taking these practices into consideration will provide you with enough knowledge about using portable fume hoods. It is important to keep up the maintenance to make sure the fume hoods are working effectively.

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