Digital Help For Digital Parenting: A Detailed Guide

Digital Help For Digital Parenting: A Detailed Guide

We all were rebellious teenagers at our time. Well, good times when not everything was recorded or digitally saved and published to the world. We might have done more stupid things as compare to teenagers of this age but Thank God there is no official record of that and we like it as it is.No, on this day records, no reminder of last summer you were here with your ex. Thus life was peaceful. But now things are different. We are in a different league where everything is saved and shared with the public. Teen has this huge list of social media platforms to select and thus they are in a race of more followers more likes and hearts etc. The Internet has drastically changed the whole lifestyle and is the most dangerous threat to the fragile teenager. Going through puberty and have access to anything available on the internet is like having ticking bomb. They have more knowledge than a normal teenager of our times and that is not good.

So what is the solution to all these problems? I did not intend to make you all parents worry but let’s just face this problem. I have a digital solution for you all. Get a parental control app like The OgyMogy.

Get Report About Their Social Media Life:

OgyMogy gives remote access to the user to many social media platforms of the target person through spy apps. For example, you can check the activity log, chat box, or voice box details of the FaceBook account of your teen with the FaceBook spy app of The OgyMogy. Similarly you can keep an eye on other social media account activities with Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat, etc.

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Get Into Their Chat Room:

Different kinds of apps are used for chatting, messaging, and even for audio and video calls. For example, Whatsapp is commonly used these days to chat, audio, or video call and for group calls as well. Thus you can keep an eye on the Whatsapp chat history, media shared through it, and details about audio and video calls of Whatsapp.OgyMogy also has other spy apps like Viber, Line, Skype spy app to keep an eye on the all the online apps build for chatting, communication, and media sharing.

Get a Full Record Of Installed Apps:

Everyone has got their cellphone nowadays. Gone are the days when we have those simple phones that were only used for texting or calling. Now your smartphones are like a total package. Every one has got access to the app store and can install any app. This is bad news for parents as they have all kinds of apps in the app store and teenagers can install whatever they want. So keep an eye on all the installed apps of your teen’s phone with OgyMogy.

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Get a 24/7 Digital Eye On Your Teen’s Movements:

OgyMogy lets you know about the real-time movements of your child by offering the location tracking feature. This feature lets the user know about the exact location of the teen in real-time. You can know about all the hideouts of your teen.

Get Into Their Digital Album:

Smartphone gallery is like our digital album. The phone tracker app allows the user to keep an eye on the gallery folder of your teen. You can monitor the captured and downloaded photos of the smartphone. Further you can keep an eye on all the media content shared privately to strangers etc. You can save a backup of all the personal photos to the web portal as well with OgyMogy. Thus keep an eye on the album folder and make sure your teen is not into some malicious or adult content.

OgyMogy offers different packages. You just need to select the desired one and install it in the target person device. It can be a tablet or laptop or a smartphone.OgyMogy has a separate version of spy apps for Mac users and Windows users. An in case of monitoring through cell phone you can try the android version of The OgyMogy apps. Install the package in your teen gadget by following easy steps and know better about the digital life of your tech-savvy children.

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