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Build a Killer Social Media Presence for Your Business with these 10 Tactics

Social media is a relatively new platform for business visibility, but these days it is one of the most important. This blog discusses 10 tactics for businesses that want to boost their social media presence. If you run a relatively new business or want an idea of how to cultivate a stronger presence, read on to find out all the juicy details. You can Build a Killer Social Media Presence for Your Business with these tactics.

10 Tactics for Building a Stronger Social Media Presence

Most businesses are results-driven. Whether its profits, return on ad spend, or high-volume recruitment to fill open positions, business managers place a lot of focus on getting results. Getting results on social media is challenging and is rarely as easy as it seems. All those businesses with millions of followers and visitors have spent considerable effort getting their social media presence to where it is today. But don’t worry. One of the best things about social media is that it levels out the playing field somewhat for both big and small businesses. The following 10 tips should be able to help you create a killer social media presence for your business:

  1. Prioritize Your Social Media Goal
  2. Define Your Audience
  3. Use Social Media Listening
  4. Track and Measure Performance
  5. Social Media Activity Should Be Consistent
  6. Have a Strategy
  7. Trust the Process
  8. Use a Wider Social Media Lens
  9. Reach Out For Help
  10. Hire a Professional

Let’s briefly examine each tip and see how it can help even complete beginners improve their business’ social media presence.

Prioritize Your Social Media Goal

Many business managers are consumed by the question of which social media platforms they should prioritize for their business presence. This is a classic case of putting the horse before the cart. Yes, the choice of social media platform is always important. But even more important is the overall goal you want to achieve with your social media efforts. You should have an explicit goal, which you should prioritize over the choice of the social media channel. When you have a clear goal like more sales, more followers, or more engagement, you can choose the right platforms more easily.

Define Your Audience

Before you see solid results from social media, you first need to define your audience. Allow careful thought to the people you want to sell your products or services to. You may have a broad audience, or a segmented one consisting of two or more segments. Audience segmentation can be based on demographics, geographical location, income levels, and other metrics. Identifying the audience segment you want to target makes it easier to tailor your social media presence to them. Content is a crucial part of Social media targeting. Read to know What is Content Marketing.

Use Social Media Listening

Investing in social listening tools often reaps benefits many times over. Of course, there is no one perfect tool for social media monitoring. But several excellent ones exist that can help you manage your social media presence better. Tools like Buffer or HootSuite allow you to monitor the social media platforms you are active on. This places you in a better position to capitalize on social buzz and trends. At the same time, you are better equipped to handle negative buzz and manage your brand reputation on social media.

Track and Measure Performance

Performance benchmarks give you definite goals to achieve through your social media efforts. Monitoring and measuring social media metrics can help you understand how well your efforts are going. Successful social media campaigns depend on constant tracking and tweaking, adjusting metrics to get the best possible outcome. Be sure to track your social media metrics carefully and measure success periodically.

Social Media Activity Should Be Consistent

Social media is all about consistency. The message you are trying to get across to your audience should be consistent across all platforms, whether Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. The content you post should conform to a similar theme. You should also be careful to keep all messaging and engagement with the audience consistent as well. This reflects significantly on your brand image as well as your social presence.

Have a Strategy

For a business to succeed on social media, it needs both a definite goal as well as a clear and well-structured strategy to achieve it. You need to have a clear idea of what your business is and what it stands for. You should know exactly what you want to achieve, and work on creating a strategy to help you get there. Trying to create a strong social media presence without a strategy is like trying to steer a ship without a rudder.

Trust the Process

With social media, the amount of effort you put in correlates with long-term growth. That means you don’t necessarily have to rush the process. Focus on building an organic audience by putting in the hours. Once you have a sizeable audience, you can start running paid campaigns to scale up. Experiment with different tactics, but trust that the process will work in the long run if you do it right.

Use a Wider Social Media Lens

Don’t approach social media with a narrow bore focus. It is not a silo, which means you can be successful or unsuccessful as well as anywhere in between. Your focus should not be just on vertical growth. Instead, you need to approach it with a wider lens, considering all the facets of your business it touches on. Add on other objectives like attracting, engaging, and acquiring new customers. Your social media goals need to map back to your overall business objectives.

Reach Out For Help

If you’re very new to the social media scene in a business setting, you are likely to have a lot of questions on the technicalities. Social media is a pretty vast subject, and its intricacies can’t be covered in a single blog. But don’t panic. Platforms like LinkedIn make it easy for people such as yourself to reach out to business managers in your network for advice. You never know who might turn into a valuable source of information.

Hire a Professional

Of course, as a business manager, you are likely to have a lot of responsibilities. Social media management maybe just one small part of your larger role. In this case, spending too much time learning the ropes can prevent you from executing your other responsibilities. Luckily, a marketing staffing agencycan easily source a competent social media manager for your business. A full-time social media professional saves you the effort of having to do everything yourself. That way, you can concentrate on other tasks while your social media presence grows.

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