A comprehensive guide to mobile phone insurance policy

A comprehensive guide to mobile phone insurance policy

According to a survey, four out of every ten mobile phone users end up damaging their phone screen. The study also found out that five out of every ten users carry on without repairing their phone while one in four consumers visit their local mobile repairing shop. It is mainly because the cost of repair or replacement of a smartphone screen at an authorised service centre is quite substantial.However, local mobile repair shops, while being affordable, may not use original products, which may lead to further damage to the phone. Consequently, smartphone users can consider opting for a comprehensive smartphone cover or mobile screen insurance policy under which they can avail appropriate reimbursement for repairs or replacement of their phone screen.

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Features and benefits to look for in a smartphone insurance cover

A mobile phone insurance policy provides financial coverage in the following instances –

  • Coverage for accidental damage –

Individuals can avail for substantial financial coverage under a mobile insurance policy for repair or replacement of mobile phone screen in case of any accidental damage. One can avail financial coverage of up to 100% of the original value mentioned in the invoice before any cashback or discount is added.

The Fonesafe Mobile Screen Insurance Policy provided by Bajaj Finserv under Pocket Insurance & Subscriptions also covers the repairing costs of mobile screen for up to two incidents of accidental phone screen damage.

  • Financial assistance in case of breakdown –

Mobile phone screen may stop functioning altogether due to electronic or mechanical breakdown. In these situations, one can avail financial aid under a mobile insurance policy in India either for repairs or replacement of the mobile screen.

Other than smartphone screens, mobile chargers can also stop functioning due to electronic or mechanical issue, which can create a lot of hassles. Consequently, Individuals should also consider opting for a mobile charger insurance policy to extend the available coverage.

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  • Additional security features –

Smartphones have become an integral part of today’s daily lives and are used to carry out a host of activities. For instance, it is used to conduct online transactions, send emails, shopping on e-commerce websites, downloading applications and so on.

Since smartphones are used to conduct a lot of internet-based activities, there are high chances that they can get infected by malware which is likely to cause extensive damage such as loss of data. Hence, users should avail preventive measures to protect their smartphones from such malicious software. Some mobile protection plans also offer complimentary security features, which include the following –

  1. Anti-malware and anti-virus software.
  2. Automatic scanning of downloaded apps.
  3. SIM card lock, where the phone gets locked immediately when SIM card is removed.
  4. Remote locking of phone and data wipe in case of theft or hacking.

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While surfing the internet, one may fall prey to online frauds like identity theft as well. As such, Individuals can also opt for insurance plans like an identity assure cover to avail compensation for financial losses sustained due to identity theft.

Application procedure

Apart from features and benefits, individuals should also have an idea regarding the application procedure for mobile phone screen insurance policy. They can follow the steps listed below to apply for a mobile insurance plan online –

Step 1: Visit the insurance provider’s official website.

Step 2: Select the online application form and fill in the requisite details.

Step 3: An OTP will be sent on the applicant’s registered mobile number. Enter the OTP to complete the authentication procedure.

Step 4: Pay the premium through any online payment mode of choice to buy mobile insurance plan online.

Claim process

Individuals should know how to raise a claim for their mobile phone insurance policy to avail reimbursement. The beneficiary should get in touch with their insurance provider within 24 hours after the incident takes place. They can do so through any of the following methods –

  • Place a call to any of the number provided by the company offering mobile insurance plan.
  • Send a letter at the given address.
  • Send an email to the email address specified on the official address.

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Nevertheless, to successfully avail reimbursement under a comprehensive smartphone or mobile screen insurance policy, one must also provide all the necessary documents that attest to the expenses incurred –

  • Correctly signed insurance claim form which should contain detailed information regarding the damage to the phone screen and an estimate of the claim amount required.
  • In case of theft, a copy of the FIR.
  • Original or copy of bills, invoice, receipts, etc.

Apart from these, the insurance provider may also ask for other documents related to an insurance claim.

Besides opting for a mobile screen insurance policy, individuals should also avail other preventive measures such as using a bumper case and installing tempered glass screen protectors, among others.

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