20 Best Free Wordpress Theme 2020

20 Best Free WordPress Theme 2020


There is no mystery that digital shoppers visit your word press websites to read your content, sign up and buy your product from a variety of technology devices, including desktop and laptop computers, mobile phones and tablets.

Word press theme is important for responsive design so that visitors to your website can scan your site while enjoying the same enjoyable experience from a number of technological devices.

Artificial intelligence, data-driven marketing and enhancement of the voice search engine (VSEO) were once ambitious concepts that bordered on mockery. Today, for most company owners in 2020, these ground-breaking digital marketing trends are among the top priorities.

What is the pattern of the Sensitive Word press?

Sensitive WordPress Theme changes its design and configuration automatically depending on the size and resolution of the screen. This provides strong user experience and a fast transition to your website while switching from your desktop to your cell phone.


The 50 Best Sensitive WordPress Subjects in 2019

With such a variety of WordPress themes available, choosing your response theme of choice can be a challenging challenge. That’s why we’ve put together this list of 30 of our favourite 2019 themes that you can review and recommend on your own website. Here are the following:


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1)The Ultra Theme:-

It’s a multi-purpose theme that comes with a drag-and – drop gui and can be completely customised. When you run low on product ideas, Ultra comes with pre-made product skins and demo pages. The demo configuration (including theme settings, content, menus, widgets, etc.) can be imported directly into your site with only one button. This will save a massive amount of time Ultra is ideal for creative businesses, investments and articles. It also combines with WooCommerce so that you can align the rest of your website and your online store effortlessly.

Here’s a list of keys to take away:

Optimization of the Woo Exchange Page

Optimized SEO


2) Customizable templates for demo

Gem e-commerce:-

Ecommerce Jewel is a free WordPress ecommerce theme that is ideal for running a WooCommerce store, no matter which commodity you offer. It has a sleek style, a modern and urban style. This theme provides a tonne of customization choices and promotes several colour schemes to create a website that suits the brand. If you’re looking for a sensitive e-commerce theme that makes browsing your website simple for visitors regardless of the platform they’re using, E-Commerce Gem could be a good choice for you.

.Active interface

.Amiable SEO




X Theme comes with four pre-constructed versions that you can change and customise to meet your needs. You can customise your interface, shift your navigation bar, and build personalised pages to suit your brand and business. X even presents 30 paid modules, hundreds of domain prototypes and landing page layouts, and the designer of the front-end platform.

Keys Takeover:

.Theme of multi-purpose

.Integration of Ecommerce

.Extremely highly customizable



If you’re looking for a lightweight and fastest WordPress theme that is SEO friendly, then close your eyes and go for the generated press theme. It’s the lightest trend on our list. It’s extremely flexible whether you use it with Element or drag and drop plugging.

Generate Press is one of the best & fast-loading WordPress themes, here are the best WordPress hosting providers in your budgets if you want to create a Generate Press website.

This theme has a basic look, but you can easily create the best-looking website if you use it with an Element or plug-in. We would strongly recommend using the Feature or Plug-in to use this style. Did you know that Produce Press is the first theme the feature or plugging is suggested to the user?

This theme has a free and premium edition. As standard, the Premium edition of this theme has extra features such as Trade support, excellent typography, etc.



If you’re looking for a highly customizable theme with a dynamic look, Zakra will be the perfect alternative for you. Zakra is a smartphone theme that fits well. Ascorbate comes with a 10 + demo, making your job easy and fast as you create a site. These ten examples may be used to build a platform in various niches, such as school, dentistry, stores, businesses, videos, etc. You can also use the theme of Zara to create your own blog. This theme is consistent with the drag-and – drop elementary plug-in. Zakra is also compliant with the new publisher of Word News, Gutenberg.

This theme would also give you a lot of options to show off your job. You will show the consumer icons and team members to the visitors on this theme. It’s a pleasant SEO style, a main element. It’s swift and lightweight, helping to lower your bank bounce rate.


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Hestia is one of WordPress’ most common free themes. Only go to see the demonstration of Hestia, you’re going to enjoy her cool style. Hestia is a highly personalised theme that ensures that you can customise several of the things in this theme. This theme has a free and premium edition. You get premium add-ons, which improve the probability of customization. The premium add-on price for the unlimited platform starts at $59. The cost is fair in the sense of the issue.

It comes with four demos that help you build your platform quickly and efficiently, but the number of demos is a little smaller. Hestia arrives with a mega menu that’s robust. This theme is useful for writers, portfolio sites, musicians, etc. You can use this style for any niche you choose.



The Pro WordPress theme increases the potential of WordPress and allows you the ability to design and create your website header, text, and footer without coding. In addition to the immersive creator gui on the front end of the website, Pro also provides you access to hundreds of premium plug-ins, over 100 ready-to-use template templates, and more.

.Completely adjustable to your taste

.Good for experienced website designers who want

to manage any aspect of their platform.

.Amazing help so you will never get lost



The Sydney theme is the perfect choice for you if you’re a freelancer or a business owner. Sydney is among the most common web hosts in WordPress.org repository. This subject is recommended for Element or. Since it has a lot of customization choices, you can modify this theme to suit your needs. Don’t think about the typography on the web, because Sydney has 600 Google fonts.

This will help you find the Header that suits you. It gives you the choice of full-screen or full-width static header image. The interface of Sydney is sticky, and you should upload your logo. This framework lets you connect your social media accounts to a site and attract traffic to your websites. Sydney ‘s theme has a beautiful animation and seamless scrolling. This has a Parallax history function. A multi-purpose design means you can use a pattern to build a platform in another niche. With Sydney, you can create an e-commerce site that suits well with the e-commerce plug-in.Sydney is a responsive style, but it fits well on your device.


9)The Flash:-

If you’re looking for a business and business website system, then look at the Flash theme. Flash Theme is known to have free premium feature quality. In a free theme that’s cool, you get built-in drag-and – drop page maker. Flash offers more than 6 widget areas and more than 11 custom widgets. Download Flash Free WordPress themes Custom WordPress themes. With the support of a Flash toolkit, you can conveniently arrange your web content and widgets. Multipurpose flash theme means that you’re using this theme to make the web to a particular niche. With this framework, you will create your beautiful portfolio to show your work to the customer as a one-page demo.


10)The Colour Mag:-

If you’re looking for a free WordPress site-like newspaper and magazine theme-then Colormage will be your best option. Coloring is a multifunctional type, but it is preferred for newspaper and magazine pages. The best thing is that both plug-ins are operating for it. You will use the Woocommerce plug-in to create an e-commerce website.

The style has vivid buttons and a lively feel.

You can conveniently handle Word Press components by using a plug-in to build much of the homepage. The theme has a field of 15 + widgets, 5 + custom widgets, 6 social icons, and a custom menu.

Your website will also run seamlessly and wonderfully on your mobile devices, as this is a responsive style.


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11) Coach flower Pro:

Blossom Coach Pro is a smartphone, speed-optimized and SEO-friendly WordPress theme for web-based trainers, speakers, consultants, therapists and other similar professionals.


Blossom Coach Pro lets you configure elements such as hue and select from 600 + Google fonts. With its customization tools, you can quickly adjust the look and feel of the website. Create and construct a lovely website with this theme if you want it.


The theme involves social media incorporation, email, about, testimonial, support, site, and a variety of other parts which help you view the business information in a simple and well-structured manner.


12)Travel Agency for:-

Travel Agency Pro is a common WordPress theme perfect for creating travel booking websites. The theme is powered by the WP Travel Engine plugin which allows you to add trips, destinations, types of trips, specialties and other features to make the booking process very easy.

The focus contains the search and search form for advanced journeys on the banner. The guests will automatically discover what they want with these search keys. It also has a PayPal integration that helps you to accept payments directly from your PayPal accounts.


13)Building Landing Page Pro:-

Construction Landing Page Pro is a premium WordPress theme for building, design, builders and building contractors. It comes with a variety of design solutions and a selection of dynamically located Call-to – Action (CTA) lead-generating buttons to convert business websites. The theme features seven predefined header models, six predefined pages, infinite color combinations, 600 + Google fonts, social media integration, and custom widgets. You can see your services, pricing and packs, team members, places you serve, overall completed tasks or affidavits on the website.



It’s a light, quick word press. That’s why our websites are really fast and high-performance. In this word press, you can create a basic site or easily configure an online site. It offers robust integration with Woo Business, Entity or, and other top plug-ins.



It’s fully sensitive and quick to use and has a good loading speed. It covers multiple formats, custom WooCommerce design, multiple blog templates, and additional customizations all wonderfully designed into your customizer WordPress.


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16)Flat any of them:

It’s built for a multipurpose word press theme. It is open to e-commerce business with literature integration compliance. This theme is user-friendly and built with the custom product page builder so that users can conveniently offer and advertise their wares whatever they want.

It has been translated into more than 12 different languages for those who wish to market their goods in other countries.


17) Kale:

This theme is helpful to the blogger of cooking. The theme is architecture in a tidy and beautiful way. Using this theme, you can build a blog cuisine and magazine. Kale is a very sensitive theme for your visitors to enjoy food-related content on the web as well as on mobile devices or other small devices. This theme has a lot of features including several sidebars,Banner and slider and several stream blog shows. It’s helpful to tag our platform and upload your custom logo and history. These allow a wide range of plugging’s. Kale is a highly responsive theme for your guests to experience food-related content on the web as well as handheld devices or other similar components.


18) Newspaper:

Driven by the page builder tagDiv Composer, Newspaper helps you to develop and design templates for your blogs and posts. There are over 50 pre-constructed videos to select from, all formatted in an easy-to – read style for your guests. Newspapers are SEO-friendly and built to bring the best results to the site on mobile devices.



It is the best and most versatile word press theme for business-related pages. This word press tool is the perfect alternative for traders, freelancers, small companies and agencies. It’s a multipurpose framework that lets us satisfy the expectations for any freelancer or company.

Airi is a lightweight theme for quicker loading time, and would definitely reduce the bounce return rate of the web. It’s a lightweight theme that makes us load quicker and reduces the bounce rate of your web.


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20 Impreza:

Impreza is a responsive, multipurpose WordPress theme that provides a range of exclusive, ready-to-use models to help you customise your website. For Impreza, all updates are automatic, meaning you don’t have to worry about running your own computers.



the theme will help you make your creative websites and your requirement Full filling. Most themes in the WordPress Theme Directory come with installation instructions, especially the ones that may require more steps than the usual theme installation. Be sure to read through and follow those instructions for the successful installation of the Theme and you can do a digital way you need to learn about digital marketing course.

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